Safe Area Portable Emergency Lighting
Main Features
  • Patented Waveguide technology
  • Crystal clear, uniform light delivery
  • Long life LED
  • Easy installation, maintenance and inspection
  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range of -20° to +40°C
  • 5 year warranty

The Lumenox LPS4-E range is intended for use in industrial safe areas where temporary illumination is required. Construction is from a rugged, tubular polycarbonate housing and plastic end protectors provide cushioning and prevent the fitting  from rolling.

The LPS4-E brings Elise™ technology into the temporary luminaire market. The enclosure was based around a 100 mm outer diameter  polycarbonate tube ensuring robust and simple construction. A two-layer extrusion profile was designed to thermally separate heat-generating components mounted on the front and back. Machined end rings are bonded to each end of the tube to provide  a consistent and tightly toleranced surface for the machined end caps to seal against. The plastic end protectors have been tooled  for injection moulding and give the product a unique appearance whilst providing cushioning and preventing rolling. Dual seals are  used throughout the LPS4 enclosure to ensure a long and reliable service life.

Key Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 100 – 140 / 200 – 277 VAC

Lumen Output Up To: 2,000

Temperature Range -20 to + 40 °C

The emergency version is specially designed with an IP66 encapsulated switch so that when power is removed to take down the  temporary lights, the emergency illumination can be disabled.

Full Specifications




Input Voltage Range

200 – 277 V AC

100 – 140 V AC

Input Power

30 W

30 W

Max. Input Current

0.17 A

0.4 A


50 – 60 Hz

Power Factor

> 0.95

> 0.95

Lumen Output

2000 lm

2000 lm

Lumen Output Emergency

500 lm

500 lm


3.5 kg

3.5 kg

Ingress Protection


Lower Temperature Limit


Upper Temperature Limit