LGZ Series

ATEX / IECEx Zone 2, 22 LED Linear

Type of protection:

Ex e t


II 3 G D

Ex ec IIC T4 Gc

Ex tc IIIC T85 °C Dc

Tamb –

Tamb –

While most ATEX lights are just rugged LED spotlights, Lumenox combines the latest waveguide LED technology with ATEX, achieving higher uniformity, colour rendering and lower glare than anyone else, without the need of a secondary optic. These are not trivial concerns. Lighting quality influences mood, productivity,  and alertness. It affects safety, comfort, spatial orientation and depth perception. It defines our experiences of colour, texture and clarity.

The LGZ luminaire offers high quality uniformly distributed light for both internal and external applications that require an Ex ec increased safety. The light engine is a direct LED replacement for 2ft to 6ft fluorescent tubes, and can be driven at a range of drive currents to increase energy savings without compromising on light quality. We offer a 2ft or 4ft option as standard and other lengths are available on request. LGZ utilises a unique patented waveguide technology, which shines the light sideways from the LED into a solid, cast acrylic rod and then reflects the light outwards into the area to be lit.